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Thursday, April 24, 2014

John Knox & Scottish Covenanters (28 Mins)

Since the Reformation in 1560, Scotland's national church had been Presbyterian. John Knox and his associates had completed the work of changing Scotland from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism. The Scots felt that their pure religion of Biblical worship and doctrine along with their liberty which had cost so much was worth fighting for. The struggle for religious and civil liberties during the 1600's was not with Romanism, but with the Episcopalians of England. The British monarchy, which held both religious and civil authority tried to force its prayer book and church government of archbishops, bishops, deans and church laws upon the people of Scotland. When King Charles I and his successors endeavored to force the Scots to conform, is when the conflict became severe and even bloody. For over fifty years the Scots fought a long and bitter fight until 1688 when they succeeded in reestablishing Presbyterianism in Scotland.

John Knox and the Birth of the Scottish Reformation

This mini-documentary, filmed on location in Scotland, examines the early years of the Scottish reformer, John Knox. The film features the castles and churches that played a role in the history of the turbulent years of the sixteenth century. On the eve of the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Knox, Knox Robinson Publishing has produced this documentary to accompany the release of the novel 'The First Blast of the Trumpet', a thrilling fictionalised account of John Knox's early life. Available in all good bookstores, Amazon and the Knox Robinson Publishing website.

Krauthammer's Take: Obama's Foreign Policy Is "Minimal" & "Laughable"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ABP of Wales: Theology & Doctrine Indexed to Prevailing Winds of Culture


Church doctrine evolves to meet the demands of culture, Archbishop states


George Conger

Biblical prohibitions of homosexual activity should not be taken literally, the Archbishop of Wales said this week, as the Apostle Paul and the Old Testament authors were ignorant of committed same-sex relationships.

In his 23 April 2014 Presidential Address to the Church in Wales Governing Body, Dr. Barry Morgan stated the “few texts we have in the Bible about same-sex relationships are very negative. Yet, it can be argued that homosexual relationships as we understand them in terms of committed, faithful, monogamous, long lasting relationships, were unknown in biblical times and what the texts rail against is sexual promiscuity and experimentation. In 1972 the American Institute of Psychiatrists believed that homosexuality was a mental illness. We no longer believe that to be the case yet, that view was widespread just 40 years ago.”

Members of the Governing Body will not act upon questions of assisted suicide or gay marriage at this meeting of the church’s synod, but are set to begin a conversation on the options open to them. In preparation for the debates, Dr. Morgan urged the Governing Body to have a right view, a relativistic view, of Scripture.

He argued beliefs held by Christians were relative truths, informed by environment, upbringing and the “particular part” of the Bible they sought to emphasize.

“We often see what we want to see.  We often use Scripture to reinforce viewpoints that we have already arrived at in other ways and for other reasons.  Some people have changed their minds for example on women’s ministry and same-sex relationships when they have experienced the ministry of a woman priest in the one case, or discovered their own son or daughter to be gay in the other,” the archbishop said.

Dr. Morgan noted that church doctrine has evolved in response to its surrounding culture. Gay marriage might be part of that development of doctrine, he suggested. “The State allowed the possibility of divorce and re-marriage for a long time before we did as a Church. Not only do we now bless such unions, we actually re-marry divorced people in our churches.  In the past, if a cleric divorced and re-married, that person could no longer continue in the ordained ministry in Wales, whereas now that is no longer a bar to continuing in ministry.  So our views have evolved and changed on a subject which Jesus pronounced very clearly.  He had nothing to say about same-sex relationships.”

However, resolving the dispute by reference to Scripture would not settle the issue, he believed. “Holy Scripture itself is far more nuanced, subtle and complex than we often realise….. We cannot just quote Biblical texts on different subject matters and think that that settles an issue. It is easy to opt for prohibitions in Scripture and regard them as the word of the Lord and forget that the Bible contains stories which also convey God’s word to us.”

“Will we, as a Church, eventually adopt the same approach as far as same-sex relationships are concerned, as we have done about re-marriage after divorce, or is gay marriage in a different category from the re-marriage of divorced people,” Dr. Morgan asked.

“Whatever our viewpoints, I hope that our discussions can be charitable.”


CNN Panel Breaks Out Laughing After AP Reporter Stumps State Dept. Spokeswoman Re: Hillary

AP Reporter Grills State Dept's Psaki to Name 1 Achievement by Clinton-Initiative

MATT LEE, AP: I have a brief question on the QDDR [Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review]. Off the top of your head, can you identify one tangible achievement that the last QDDR resulted in?

JEN PSAKI, State Department spokesperson: Obviously its an extensive expansive process. LEE: Just one.

PSAKI: The Secretary wants it to be focused on a more narrow range of issues, its always to look at how we can improve things, and we'll see where we come out in the end.

LEE: So, can you off the top of your head identify one tangible achievement that resulted from the last QDDR?

PSAKI: I am certain that those that were here at the time worked hard on that effort and could point out one.

LEE: Since you've come on board that you've noticed, that you noticed that you can point to and say wow the first QDDR identified this as a problem and dealt with it.

PSAKI: As you know, I've only been here since it was concluded. I'm sure there are a range of things that I'm not even aware of results.

LEE: I won't hold my breath.

Un. of Chicago: Sen. Rand Paul & David Axelrod (1 Hr)

Krauthammer: Obama Is "Eroding The Law In A Systemic Way Time After Time"

Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion (Brad McKinnon)

Romans 9: RC Sproul Sr., Election & Double Predestination (10 Mins)

Polycarp: Movie in Development

A 2nd Century historical drama...inspired by a true story!

Dear Backers,

We did the hard work of getting Polycarp through production. Now we need to raise a minimum of $25,000 to get this feature film over the finish line! Please note that if we don't meet our fundraising goal by April 25, we won't receive a penny. Kickstarter is all or nothing. If we are not 100% successfully funded, all pledges will be cancelled.

Polycarp - The Story

Have you ever wondered what happened to the early Christians after the Book of Acts? What trials did they face and overcome? Polycarp is like a journey to the past, giving us a glimpse of that world.
It's the story of a young slave girl, Anna, who is rescued and adopted by Christians in 2nd Century Smyrna and befriended by their aged bishop, Polycarp.  With the threat of persecution growing, Polycarp and the Christians must find courage to stand for their faith.  Anna must come to grips with the truth and choose whom she is willing to live—and die—for.

The Purpose

Our number one goal is to make this a God-honoring movie. We have sought to make decisions prayerfully, and with good counsel. We believe the story will communicate an important message of being willing to sacrifice all for the sake of Christ. Our prayer is that the Lord would use Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods to touch many lives around the world!

Learn more at and check out our Facebook page!

The Cast

Polycarp - Garry Nation (Indescribable)
- Eliya Hurt
- Rusty Martin (Courageous)
Read the full list of cast members at IMDb.

Where are we in the production process?

Producing a 2nd Century dramatic movie is a major undertaking!  Many hands have contributed time and effort over the last couple of years to bring Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods to this point, and now we're in the final stage called post-production, the time when editing, sound effects, visual effects, and music come together to turn a rough film into a quality movie.

How will the money be used?

We need to hire an editor, visual effects artists, a sound designer, and composer to make the film as good as possible. Also, we are going to bring part of our cast and crew back to the studio to film pickups. Naturally, we also have to plan for various marketing and distribution expenses.
If we don't succeed with this fundraising campaign, it will be much harder to create a quality film and make as great an impact.
Germanicus (Rusty Martin) and Polycarp (Garry Nation)
Germanicus (Rusty Martin) and Polycarp (Garry Nation)

Why support a movie?

The power of movies is the ability to reach a mass audience. Polycarp will challenge and inspire Christians—especially young people—to take their faith seriously and be completely yielded to the Lord.

Your pledges, large or small, can have a significant impact. Not only will each donation bring us closer to our goal, but your support also shows movie distributors that there's a market for this type of family-friendly, God-honoring movie! Please spread the word!

About the rewards

We are offering some great rewards that offer value for your money and show our thanks for your support! There are DVDs of Polycarp, a Backstage Pass with tons of valuable extras, the movie soundtrack, and much, much more!

Who is making this movie?

Joe and Jerica Henline
Joe and Jerica Henline
Polycarp is headed by the brother-sister team of Joe Henline (Director) and Jerica Henline (Screenwriter). Both Joe (age 19) and Jerica (age 21) have worked on multiple feature films, including Acts of God, Ace Wonder, and Beyond the Mask. Their previous short film, The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey was the winner of multiple international awards. Polycarp is a giant leap as their first feature film.

Jerry Henline – Executive Producer

As Executive Producer and father of Joe and Jerica, Jerry brings his 30 years of entrepreneurship and business experience to the production team. He enjoys working closely with his family in Christian filmmaking opportunities, believing that God can be glorified in the product and the production process.

Scott Eash – Producer

A documentary film producer for over 10 years, Scott is thrilled to work alongside the Henlines to produce his first feature film. He considers it a privilege to be making films that honor God and promote a biblical worldview. Some of his past films include Act Like Men and IndoctriNation.
The 60+ cast and crew members on the team have combined experience working on dozens of feature films including Courageous, Hero, The Screenwriters, Indescribable, Beyond the Mask, Princess Cut, and Love Covers All.

Thank you!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods, and we hope you will consider helping us make this film succeed!


Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at our official website to keep up to date with all the latest news about the film. Also join in the Polycarp discussion on our Facebook page!

Obamacare Creates Headwinds for Dems in Midterm Elections 2014

Interview: Barak Obama & Dinesh D'Souza (Very Hefty Snark Alert!)

23 Apr 1564/1616 AD: Birth/Death of Shakespeare (Youtube Roundup)

(CBS) IRS Workers Received Bonuses Despite Not Paying Taxes & Other Misdeeds

RNC Chair Priebus: Sen. Reid is "Dirty" & "Unethical"

23 Apr 1616 AD: Photos of William Shakespeare's Parish, Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon

23 April 1616 A.D.  Photos of William Shakespeare’s Holy Trinity Anglican, Stratford-upon-Avon.  Shakespeare’s father and mother attended here.  His father was the Sheriff of Stratford-upon-Avon and responsible for compliance with the 1559 Elizabethan Injunctions for the use of the Book of Common Prayer.  Shakespeare was born 23 Apr 1564 A.D. on St. George’s Day and three days later was baptized here on 26 Apr 1564. He also was forced to make a statement of public repentance for fornication at age 18 (he married the pregnant Ann).  He was married here. Will and Ann’s children were baptized here. William died on St. George’s Day, 23 Apr 1616, and was buried in the chancel area.  The photos below will show the Chancel area with a sculpture set in the wall of the Chancel.